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Population Genetics and Breeding Plans


This “Scientific Focus Area” (SFA) functions as a fertile ground for finding solutions and answers to scientific questions on population genetics & breeding programs for plants and animals.  

  • How can we improve methods for predicting selection response in breeding programs for a variety of traits and situations? 

  • How can we preserve genetic diversity (minimize the loss of genetic variation) in populations that are under artificial selection or in conservation programs? 

  • How can we optimize plant and animal breeding programs? Which new technologies could be useful, and which tools should be developed to facilitate a sustainable breeding program?  

We aim for multidisciplinary projects, where we focus on idea-sharing, collaboration, and ultimately the development of new exciting projects for practical implementation in breeding. We also have a strong focus on articulating this research with the development of simulation software and decision-making tools

Primary Research Areas

Breeding programs     |     Population genetics     |     Inbreeding and inbreeding depression     |        Heterosis     |     Controlling loss of genetic variation     |     New breeding goals     |     Software development  


ADAM (Complex breeding scheme simulation)    |    EVA (Optimal Contribution Selection)


Genetics and Breeding (5 or 10 ECTS) 

Contact and collaboration

We are open to new collaborations with other research institutions and industry partners. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to contact Alban Bouquet.

Regular members

Alban Bouquet    |    Thinh Chu     |     Laura Skrubbeltrang Hansen     |     Lisa Hein     |     Morten Kargo     |     Peter Skov Kristensen     |     Viktor Milkevych     |     Hanne Marie Nielsen     |    Divino Rosa Dos Santos    |      Margot Slagboom  |     Saija Tenhunen     |     Jørn Rind Thomasen     |     Roos Zaalberg 

Current projects

DairyCross    |    FLYBREED      |     WelBredPOrg     |     ØKO-Avl     |     FlyGene      |    HybriMax