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- A computer program to simulate selective breeding schemes for animals and plants

ADAM is a computer program that models selective breeding schemes for animals and plants (ADAM-plant) using stochastic simulation. The program simulates a population of animals or plants and traces the genetic changes in the population under different selective breeding scenarios. It caters for different population structures, genetic models, selection strategies, and mating designs. ADAM can be used to evaluate breeding schemes and generate genetic data to test statistical tools. For further information and details please consult the manual.

Major advantages of ADAM:

  • uses stochastic simulation, which is an accurate method when modelling complex breeding schemes
  • allows a plethora of breeding schemes to be evaluated
  • uses new methods, such as marker and gene-assisted selection, selective genotyping, MOET, and sexed semen
  • allows new technologies and techniques to be tested under different breeding scenarios
  • can easily be expanded to include new methods and strategies because it has a modular design

ADAM is developed by: A.C. Sørensen, M. Henryon, S. Ansari-Mahyari, L.D. Pedersen & P. Berg

ADAM-Plant is developed by: H. LiuA.C. Sørensen