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Human Genetics


The Human Genetics Section focuses on developing statistical tools that enable us to better understand complex traits and diseases. In particular, we create tools for detecting causal variants, creating prediction models, and understanding genetic architecture. We apply these tools to a wide variety of datasets (e.g., UK Biobank and Psychiatric Genomics Consortium) and traits (e.g., epilepsy, height, obesity, heart disease, type 1 diabetes).

Primary Research Areas:

Analysis of GWAS data     |     Understanding Complex Traits     |     Classifying Heterogeneous Diseases     |     Polygenic Risk Scores


LDAK (available for LINUX and MAC)     |     qgg (R package)


Analysis of GWAS data (5 ECTS)     |     Genetics and Breeding (5 or 10 ECTS)


If we have vacancies for PhD students or postdocs, these will be listed on the QGG Vacancies. We supervise MSC projects as part of the degree programmes in Bioinformatics and Biology. Lastly, we are very keen to host researchers from other universities. If you are interested in visiting our section, please contact Doug Speed.

Group Leaders:

Doug Speed     |     Peter Sørensen

Regular Members:

Zhonghao Bai     |     Takiy-Eddine Berrandou     |     Kenneth Enevoldsen     |     Tahereh Gholipourshahraki     |     Houcheng Li
Merina Shrestha     |     Huicong Zhang

Associated Members:

Astrid Hjelholt     |     Jasper Hof     |     Caroline Jessen     |     Leyi Zhang

Sources of Funding:

European Research Council     |     Independent Research Fund Denmark     |     Lundbeck Foundation     |     Novo Nordisk     |     AUFF

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