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Project collaborations

QGG has a long tradition for collaborating with partners both nationally and internationally. This means that our researchers and students are used to working with many different stakeholders, business areas and nationalities, and our senior researchers are highly experienced in managing projects with several partners.

Our research activities is mainly organised in joint projects with one or more participants. The participants are often Danish companies or industry organisations in the breeding and improvement industry, which is why many of our projects have an application-oriented focus. You can see examples of such projects under Projects in the menu to the left. Besides our business partners, we also collaborate widely with other departments at Aarhus University, as well as other Danish and foreign universities.

Our educational activities also take place in collaboration with universities and research institutions all over the world, which is reflected in a large amount of foreign PhD students, postdocs and visiting researchers at QGG. Teaching and supervision on bachelor and master levels are primarily coordinated with other departments at Aarhus University as well as the University of Copenhagen. At PhD level, however, our education has a more international aim, and is carried out in collaboration with foreign universities. For instance as so-called ’double degree’ PhD students, who are enrolled at two universities and obtain a degree from both Aarhus University and the foreign university. Equally, we have a long tradition for working with private companies regarding the education of industrial researchers – both PhD students and postdocs.