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Public sector consultancy

At QGG we perform research-based public sector consultancy. This means that we do advisory tasks for ministries and government agencies. These tasks can be specialist contributions to reports, analyses, reviews or advice concerning concrete cases or problems. Additionally, we have ongoing research activities within areas where it is necessary to maintain and develop competencies for public sector consultancy. This is how we make sure that we are constantly ready to cover current needs for public sector consultancy.

The public sector consultancy at QGG is focused on the breeding and genetics of livestock breeds, including breeding plans, breeding goals, livestock genetic resources, breeding technologies etc. We focus on sustainable breeding programs that insure the preservation of genetic resources, animal welfare and health. The main part of our tasks concern conservation of native Danish livestock breeds which are in danger of extinction.

The public sector consultancy at QGG is organised under DCA – the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture – which frames the cooperation between the research environments in the food and agriculture area at Aarhus University.