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Professors, associate professors, senior researchers

Centre Director

Research areas

  • Head of Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics
  • Responsible for large danish QTL finemapping project in cattle and for statistical analysis in an EU project 'MASTITIS RESISTANCE' in which we finemap QTL affecting mastitis
  • Development and validation of QTL finemapping methods including multiple traits and longitudinal analysis
  • Implementation of MCMC based genetic models

Mogens Sandø Lund's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Professors, associate professors and senior researchers

Torben Asp

Professor with Special Responsibilities

Research areas:

  • Forging strong links in the organic nitrogen chain
  • Root deeper, produce more
  • Plant mitochondria as a model for human ageing
  • Genomic selection in wheat
  • GenSAP - Center for Genomic Selection in Animal and Plants

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Peer Berg

Senior Researcher

Research areas

It is the aim of my scientific work to contribute to the development of theory and methods used for genetic improvement in general, and in livestock species in particular. More specifically it is the aim to 

  • contribute to theory on optimal structures and decision rules used in breeding schemes.
  • contribute to theory on utilization of genomic and similar types of information in animal breeding and their implications.
  • contribute to the understanding of genetic variation in traits of importance for an efficient and profitable production of farm animals, as well as traits of importance for the welfare and health of the animals.
  • contribute to the implementation of optimal breeding schemes in the breeding industries by education of students and through cooperation internationally, nationally and with the relevant industries.

Peer Bergs CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • QTL/association mapping
  • Gene-expression analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Behaviour genetics
  • Immuno genetics
  • Milk genomics

Bart Buitenhuis' CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas: 

  • genomic prediction of breeding values
  • variance component models
  • QTL mapping
  • geostatistics
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods

Ole Fredslund Christensen's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • Association Charting
  • Expression Analysis
  • Genome Analysis
  • Statistical methods

Luc Janss' CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

I work on research towards development and use of quantitative genetic methods in commercial breeding programs in animals and plants. Research focus is on development and use of quantitative genetic methods and the development of optimum breeding programs. Such programs must be economically, environmentally and ethically sustainable. Moreover, work on a continuing deepening of our understanding of the genetic regulation of interesting traits in animals and plants.
I am working for increased international collaboration in future research programs. Such cooperation may include the Western world, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the third world countries which are selected by the Danish program for foreign aid.

Just Jensen's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • Breeding schemes for dairy cattle
  • Estimation of genetic parameters for dairy cattle

Morten Kargo's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

I work with designed experiments for estimation of quantitative genetic variation in physiological, immunological and behaviour traits, and the co-variation with production and health traits in cattle and pigs.

Peter Løvendahl's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • Prediction of breeding values for dairy cattle
  • Genetic resistance to mastitis
  • Genetics of beef and carcass traits in cattle
  • Implementing new statistical methods for use in animal breeding

Fields of work:

  • Efficient implementing of statistical methods for use in animal breeding and related fields on workstations and on parallel computers
  • Co-ordinating the maintenance and further development of the DMU package for analysing multivariate mixed models developed at the Dep. of Animal Breeding and Genetics. The current public domain version of DMU can be downloaded from here
  • Participate in the development of a "Test day Animal Model" for estimation of breeding values for dairy cattle
  • Member of a technical advisory group for the national prediction of breeding values in cattle.
  • Participate in a project on joint prediction of breeding values for dairy cattle across the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)
  • Participation in a working group on Cattle Breeding between Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and the Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre
  • Member of steering committees for several research projects
  • Local advisor for MSc.-students in our area of research

Per Madsen's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • QTL fine mapping in dairy cattle for mastitis resistance using variance component-based methods
  • Identification of haplotypes and estimation of their effects for improving mastitis resistance in dairy cattle
  • Development of QTL fine mapping methods with multi-trait and multi-QTL models

Goutam Sahana's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

Application of likelihood and Bayesian methods for the analysis of genetic data; inferences about genetic parameters using selected data; Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in genetics.

Daniel Sorensen's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • Developing statistical methods for analysing large-scale genetic association study data
  • Detecting causal variants
  • Constructing prediction models
  • Understanding genetic architecture
  • The software package LDAK (www.ldak.org)


Doug Speed's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

  • Development and implement of new statistical methods and models for estimation of genetic parameters
  • Estimation of variance components and breeding values
  • Poultry breeding

Guosheng Su's CV, publications, activities, etc.

Research areas

Molecular prediction of disease and production traits in livestock

The overall research goal is to develop a statistical procedure that identifies which set of biological molecules (e.g., gene transcripts, proteins, and metabolites) best predicts phenotypes for disease and production traits in livestock. In developing this procedure the focus is on statistical methods that

1. account for relationships among biological molecules (e.g. Gaussian graphical modeling)

2. use prior information about the relationship among biological molecules.

We are working on a supervised stochastic search variable selection procedure for identifying promising subsets of molecular predictors of phenotypes in individuals. The procedure uses prior biological information and combines observations from large-scale ‘omics’ data. We have implemented this procedure into a fortran program which is currently being tested.

We are also looking into Gaussian graphical modeling, which is a multivariate statistical technique that can be used to infer relationships among molecular variables such as gene transcripts, proteins, and metabolites.

Peter Sørensen's CV, publications, activities etc.

Research areas

  • Studies on the effect of strong selection for many generations on micro-evolution in broiler populations
  • Studies of allometric changes in weight and sizes of organs and skeletal elements in the early growth phase in populations of Gallus gallus that has been imposed to strong selection for juvenile growth.
  • Research and study on the genetic adaptation of poultry populations to the changing production systems used in the Agriculture including the Genotype versus Environment interaction.
  • Research and studies on the genetic possibilities to improve local breeds of poultry in developing countries without loosing biodiversity.
  • Genetic aspect of the leg condition in fast growing broilers, including studies of the possibilities to retain a harmonic growth in populations of chickens used for broiler production

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  • Development of methodology for breeding value estimation in dairy cattle
  • Breeding value estimation for crossbreed dairy cattle
  • Prediction models for genomic selection

Jan Lassen's CV, publications, activities etc.