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Large-scale genomic breeding value calculation for pigs

Large-scale genomic breeding value calculation for pigs

  • Title: Large-scale genomic breeding value calculation for pigs
  • Funded by: The Pig Levy Foundation (Svineafgiftsfonden) 
  • AU project manager: Senior researcher Ole Fredslund Christensen, Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics
  • Project period:  1 January 2020– 31 December 2022
  • Amount: 893,000 DKK in 2020, 944,000 DKK in 2021, 963,000 DKK in 2022.

Project description:

The project’s goal is to advance a more cost-efficient and sustainable pig production by means of a better use of genomic information to create breeding progress for breeding goal traits (Productivity and sustainability)

The project’s objective is to develop and implement methods for the calculation of more precise genomic breeding value numbers, when a large number of animals has been genotyped. More precise breeding value numbers lead to a larger breeding progress.

The project results will be published in international scientific journals. The implementation is in software LMT, which is commercially accessible for everyone who has an agreement for the use of software DMU. Furthermore, we plan to make a version which can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. An LMT Wiki.

Publications which have been completely or partially funded by the project:

A genomic model for data, consisting of a mix of individual registrations and group registrations of feed intake, and this activity has contributed to a scientific article. (Activities such as data collection and the development of the model were done in the GUDP project ”Breeding for feed efficiency and behaviour of pigs in groups”).

Hongding Gao, Guosheng Su, Just Jensen, Per Madsen, Ole F. Christensen, Birgitte Ask, Bjarke G. Poul-sen, Tage Ostersen and Bjarne Nielsen (2021). Genetic parameters and genomic prediction for feed intake recorded at the group and individual level in different production systems for growing pigs. Genetics Selection Evolution 53 33 (12 pages).

Based on data from SEGES breeding genetics for pigs, we have cooperated with researchers from Huazhong Agricultural University in China regarding a comparison of two methods to make descents based on respectively genomic data and pedigree information compatible. The study was done with data for production traits in the three Danbred races. Results showed that the method with a so-called meta-founder in the pedigree provided genomic breeding values which were slightly more precise.

Chuanke Fu, Ole F. Christensen, Tage Ostersen and Tao Xiang (2021). Single-step genomic evaluation with metafounders for feed conversion ratio and average daily gain in Danish Landrace and Yorkshire pigs. Genetics Selection Evolution 53 79 (11 pages).

More publications are planned for 2022.